AL 6 - double casement window

AL 6
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3-chamber profile

Frame depth: 73 mm

Casement depth: 79 mm

Thermal insulation: Up to Uw = 1,5 W/(m²K)

Sound insulation: up to 47 dB

Wind tightness: class C5


width from: 960mm to 3400 mm
height from: 500 to 2500 mm

The structural depth of the window profiles is 70 mm (frame) and 79 mm (casement). Such depths of casement and frame profiles give the effect of one single plane from the inside, once the window is closed.

System profiles have a three-chambered structure, their central part being an insulation chamber between thermal breaks of a width of 34 mm.

High water and air tightness performance and an excellent thermal insulation can be achieved through a specially-shaped 2-component central gasket (with a cellular isolation element), and through glazing & edging gaskets.

Most gaskets (e.g. glazing and external edging gaskets) are mounted in a continuous manner, without cutting to size at the corners, by joining the ends of the gaskets in the middle of the length of the upper transoms of the window frames. Central gasket is cut at an angle of 45° and glued in the corners or cut at an angle of 90° and glued to the rubber corner. This way of mounting ensures an excellent resistance to water and air infiltration.

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