For the vast majority of consumers, contemporary and modern furniture designs are basically just the same things but with different names. Truth is that they are actually different although they share some similarities in some respects. Both styles do posses the same clean lines, but contemporary focuses more on functionality rather than artistic aspect; it also has softer look compared to the angular characteristic of modern furniture. The design of Florence Bedroom Set is leaning towards the modern side, but it does not completely abandon the good features of its contemporary counterpart particularly in terms of functional yet soft understated overall look and feel. Florence Bedroom Set makes perfect mix of the positive aspects from both.

There are 4 pieces included in the package: 1. Bed: the overall dimension measures at 170 cm x 91 cm x 205 cm (W x H x L), allowing for sleeping space of 200 cm x 160 cm (L x W); that is more than the standard King size. While the design is indeed traditional, it is going to be the centerpiece your bedroom. 2. Wardrobe: measuring at 226 cm x 220 cm x 64 cm (W x H x D), this wardrobe perfectly complements the generous bed size without overshadowing it in the room. Both are almost equally big, but the soft back accent on the wardrobe makes it easily manageable. As expected, it has shelves and hanging rail in the middle section to give an organized storage system in your bedroom. 3. Chest of Drawers: coming in the same design as the wardrobe but at smaller dimension (120 cm W x 93 cm H x 48 cm D), this piece accentuates sense of uniformity and provides additional storage space at the same time. 4. 2 Bedside Tables: these are the smallest furniture pieces in the package to complete the set. Color scheme and accents are similar to their bigger counterparts. Every part is made from sturdy high quality MDF covered in smooth soft finish. Designed to be moisture and scratch resistant, Florence Bedroom Set will remain in its best condition for many years to come. Plum color with black accent is available. Color combination is natural and neutral, allowing you to blend it easily with any room flooring such as hardwood or concrete. You can also combine the set with other pieces such as carpet or simple bedroom lightings to beautify the atmosphere. All in all, Florence Bedroom Set is a harmonized mixture of modernism and traditional characteristics.