Comfortable, functional and spacious – this is how a wardrobe for two should be. But before you decide on a particular model, you might want to think about what a man and woman need in the process of creating everyday stylizations. We advise how to choose the wardrobe to meet the expectations of both sides.

What wardrobode to choose to be not only functional, but aesthetic? What's more, the model that will meet the needs of women and men? The market has a wide selection of wardrobes, so each of us can easily match the right model for yourself and for your other half. Below are some essential tips to help make the final choice.


How to choose a wardrobe for both of them?

 Size - one of the most important issues is the size of the furniture. Wardrobe to meet the expectations of both, should be primarily roomy. This is because everyday clothes, underwear, elegant dresses and suits should be stored in it. Many people choose also to store shoes and jewelry. So what model should you choose to be hit?


What model?

 Wardrobe with sliding doors - one of the classic models that will work both in the interiors decorated in a modern style, classic and glamour. Manufacturers offer many interesting solutions that will satisfy even the most demanding people. We can choose from glass doors, made of PVC plates or wooden models. The most important is the size and number of shelves for storing various elements of clothing though.


Wardrobe with mirror - another option that has gained much popularity. This is not surprising, since it is particularly well-liked by women. Mirror mounted in the door makes getting ready and everyday choice of clothing easier. Depending on the number of shelves and compartments in the wardrobe we have to choose the slide door, separate doors that open to touch or by conventional handles.


What should a wardrobe for a woman have?

 The perfect wardrobe for a woman is one that is equipped with hangers for dresses, skirts and shirts. In addition, every woman wants to have all the elements of her wardrobe in order. This means that it is also useful to place organizers there, storing underwear, belts and basic tops. On the market there are also wardrobes with built-in shelves for jewelry. This is a very interesting solution that will allow us to get rid of inconvenient caskets.


Wardrobe for a man - vital elements

 Wardrobe for a man does not have to meet all the above requirements. The man needs most of all places on hangers, so he will need a minimum of two rods. On one of them he can hang elegant suits, while on the second pants and ties. You should be aware of the necessary drawers and shelves, which will make the storage of other items - jeans, pants sweatshirts and T-shirts more convienient. This means that each of these garments should have its own separate place in the wardrobe.


When changing the decor in the bedroom it is worth considering the appropriate choice of furniture. Wooden wardrobe, polished to a high gloss, and perhaps with sliding doors? Regardless of what model you choose, keep in mind the expectations to be met.