Is it worth investing in a small flat? Everyone who is planning to buy or arrange one is asking himself this question. The main advantage of small place is a low price and low maintenance costs. It is also easier to keep tidy, provided that the furniture will be considered and it will not clutter the interior.

Functional kitchen

 The kitchen is the center of our home. Here is where family members often meet to eat a meal or talk in peace. Furnishing the kitchen, let's start from the separation of the five basic areas: inventory, where you set the refrigerator and cupboards for dry food; storage, which will take place on the crockery, cutlery and kitchen containers; washing and cleaning - here we put a sink with cupboard; food preparation; cooking and baking on the stove and in the oven.

 In small flats usually we can not afford the extra room for dining, so in our small kitchen there must be a place for a table and chairs. Ideally, if the kitchen table was able to break down the countertop, we could quickly gain a place for guests if necessary. On the market there are also tables with shelves and cupboards (open or closed), which will create storage for handheld kitchen gadgets.

 In a small flat every square meter is gold, so the choice of furniture must be considered. Countertops in the kitchen should be approx. 10-15 cm below elbow height, preferably put them at a height of 85-90 cm. Hanging lockers are proven choice, they will save floor space - should be at a height of 45 cm table height. In the kitchen, let's put on bright colors, preferably pastel shades, which will be popular for a long time. Thanks to that the interior will seem larger.


Comfortable living room

 Living room in the small flats often has a triple function: a bedroom, office, and most of all the room in which the most is happening. It is worth investing in a functional furniture, so that we save a lot of space. Practical and reliable wall unit, now experiencing a renaissance. This consisting of several segments furniture will create a place where we put TV, we set books, put clothes and in addition we will have a bar. Wall unit is comfort and geometry in one.

 In this room you will need also a comfortable piece of furniture to sit during the day and sleep at night. If we choose a simple sofa bed, then we get only additional storage for bedding, but if we purchase a bed with built-in cupboards and drawers, we will have an additional locker for clothes, documents or other things that we do not necessarily want to keep on top.

 Traditional wardrobe is better put in the hallway. We should devote some attention to creating of the room, as it is our home's visiting card. It is the first place our guests see. Functional and aesthetic solution will be built-in wardrobe with mirror, which hides clothing and footwear.

 Arranging of a small flat so it becomes spacious and comfortable is a real challenge. If we have a few square meters, we should therefore arrange it spatially. You will find many innovative furniture solutions for a small interior to use it to the maximum. Be sure to first get rid of unnecessary trinkets that only clutter the space.