Sleep is the basis of health and therefore the choice of a comfortable bed to sleep is so important when furnishing a flat. In the end, we will spend about 8 hours a day in it! Unfortunately, sufficient amount of free space to get ourselves a large comfortable bed is not always available and we decide on a sofa with sleeping function. What are their advantages and disadvantages? We advise! The choice of a comfortable bed to sleep is so important when furnishing a flat. The lone "quiet night" and "colourful dreams" is not enough for a good night's sleep. For this you need a comfortable place to sleep that will provide comfortable support for your body. The most common choice are the beds and sofa beds, which combine the functions of day and night. Undoubtedly bed with a well-selected mattress is the most convenient option, but with limited yardage of our flat we can not always afford them. Then the choice falls on the modern sofa - a piece of furniture, which, thanks to its slim design blends well in the room and thanks to its multi-functionality and can be used for a day and night. If you're wondering which option would be better for your home, take a look below where we compare their pros and cons. Bed – advantages and disadvantages ADVANTAGES: bed with a solid frame and a comfortable mattress is the best choice. A wide range of mattresses available on the market allows to customize it to the needs of the most demanding people. Soft, hard, springs, foam, water, raised - only because of the bed frame we can enjoy so many options and provide an exceptional comfort during the night rest. Another advantage is its size. If you are not limited by space, you can choose a bed so broad as you want to and sleep comfortably without fear that restless sleep of a partner ends with a painful blow to the side. Opponents of the beds accuse them for being too large and that they take up a lot of space. This argument is valid only in small, block of flats' room, where the bed can actually take the lion's share of space. This is not an argument for the real sleepers who just like to sleep comfortably. They quickly find another advantage, namely the free space under the bed, which can be perfectly used to store all sorts of things, ranging from blankets, quilts and bedding, and ending on clothes and shoes packed in boxes waiting for their season. DISADVANTAGES: It is difficult to count the cons of what was designed in order to ensure maximum comfort during this important life activity, which is sleeping. Among the most frequently mentioned cons is the size of the bed, which often takes a large surface. In addition, it is not a multifunctional piece of furniture and requires a separate space dedicated only to rest. Decent bed with a solid frame and a comfortable mattress, which will ensure proper alignment and support of the body is also a considerably expensive, often much more than the other options to sleep. Sofa – advantages and disadvantages ADVANTAGES: In homes where we have to carefully manage the space and often combine multiple functions within a single room, a sofa will work perfectly. By the day it is a comfortable place to sit and at night turns into a bed. The fact that it takes up less space allows better use of it. This advantage should be used for example in the rooms for children, which combines fun, learning and rest, and each additional square meter is gold. An additional advantage of the sofa is its aesthetic aspect. Range of products available on the market surprises with colours, styles and materials used, and the variety allows you to select furniture that will match perfectly the interior or will become its main advantage. DISADVANTAGES: Choosing a sofa with sleeping function, pay special attention to the work and the materials used. If we take into account the fact that it will be put to pressure with every fold, it is necessary to select a sofa, which will meet such task. Many products quickly deform preventing a comfortable rest. The very necessity of folding and unfolding it usually becomes tiresome! Another thing you should consider is hygiene. Sofa, in contrast to the bed is more often used. We spend time on it in the clothes during the day, often playing on it with children and pets. In terms of keeping it clean it must be periodically thoroughly scrubbed to eliminate all kinds of dirt and bacteria, which can easily move to the sheets. To sum up When choosing furniture for sleeping, you should consider many aspects and your own needs. If we can allocate a room for the bedroom, it is better to choose a large bed that will allow us to comfortably sleep and will take care of the good condition of the spine. When we are forced to use one room for both sleeping and other daily activities, solid sofa will be a good choice.