SM2 - smart bluetooth door lock

Smart Lock - smart bluetooth door lock
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A modern, battery-powered electronic lock opened with a digital code (6-12 digits). In addition, there is the function of opening doors using a mobile phone with bluetooth.

The lock is designed for the installation in the place of the standard existing lock insert.

The device is waterproof on the condition of a special cover being used. It is very easy to install and it does not require any tools (except for a screwdriver). It can be easily fitted into the majority of standard external and internal doors that are between 55 to 105 mm thick without the necessity of their replacement or modification. 

The lock indicates low battery. 

The electronic insert is opened by using a code and bluetooth. It has a knob from the inside. There is a possibility of leaving the lock open.

In order to open the lock by phone, it is necessary to install a dedicated application in Polish language.  

The application WELOCK is available in Play Store and App Store. 


-silicone keyboard cover;

-the lock

For security reasons against unauthorized access, the lock does not have the option of resetting to factory settings without entering the password or administrator's fingerprint. In the case of the absence of the password or the fingerprint, the lock can only be reseted by the manufacturer.