WIS DL2 - Single leaf side-hinged door

WIS DL2 - Single leaf side-hinged door
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Garage doors are manufactured after the order has been placed through the website.
Garage doors - production takes 12 weeks

Side-hinged doors are the most cost-effective solution for your garage. Low price and reliable operation are guaranteed due to the simple and proven design solutions


  •  frame and leaf made of galvanized steel profiles without thermal break
  •  the door leaf made of galvanized steel sheets T-10, with vertical, horizontal and slanted infill design
  •  frame parts are bolted
  •  door leaf restrictor
  •  door holder to protect the door leaf against closing
  •  hinge restrictor to protect the door leaf from drop down


The gate leaf is filled with galvanized, profiled steel sheet - trapezoidal T-10 - in vertical, horizontal or diagonal arrangement, coated with polyester. Gate it opens outside the room.
The double-leaf gate has a left passive leaf (seen from the outside) blocked to the lintel and threshold. The right active wing is equipped with a lock with an insert and a handle with a black PVC-1 escutcheon (locked to the lintel and threshold), the gate has a symmetrical division of the wings.

Hinge restrictor - protects door leaf against being forced open.
Door leaf restrictor - controls door leaf motion so as not to let it open too far.
Foot - protects an open door against uncontrolled closing.
Bolted connections - guarantee the durability of the whole structure, which is made of galvanised steel sections
Door with thermal insulation - may be ordered to improve garage’s thermal insulating power
Self-locking latches - installed in four points (at door leaf top and bottom) protect against door being opened by unauthorised

Requied hole in the wall:
width from 1200mm to 2500mm
height from: 2000mm to 4000mm

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