The main highlight of Santana Bedroom Set is the sleek straight lines combined with shiny scratch resistant colored surface. Instead of using the more conventional single-tone finish, the set features two-tone colors of either Black & White or Purple & White. Everything is designed to deliver simple uncluttered look with subdued accents and well-proportioned dimensions in all parts. Unlike the more visually heavy traditional furniture pieces, Santana is free from chaotic sophisticated lines but without reducing its visually pleasing characteristics. In fact, the absence of detailed ornamentations is the design hallmark.

Santana Bedroom Set consists of 4 furniture pieces including: 1 Bed: overall dimension measures at 165 cm x 91 cm x 205 cm (W x H x L). Supported by 4 large sturdy feet, there is enough space underneath the bed for a modern vacuum cleaner to go through without bumping the panels. 1 Wardrobe: measuring at 226 cm x 220 cm x 64 cm (W x H x D), the wardrobe is another highlight of Santana Bedroom Set. Featuring two panels of sliding door, the wardrobe provides enough compartments to store good number of clothing as well as some valuable in its interior drawers. Hanging rail in the center adds more versatility, too. Purple glass in the middle of each door panel enhances its aesthetic. 1 Chest of Drawers: featuring 4 drawers in the middle and 2 doors on the sides, this furniture piece measures at 130 cm x 82 cm x 45 cm (W x H x D). The top drawer is covered in shiny glass to complement the overall theme and create uniformity. 2 Bedside Tables: each bedside table measures at 54 cm x 44 cm x 50 cm (W x H x D). Every unit has two drawers with the same color schemes as well. All included furniture pieces are available in dominant white color with either black or purple accent. Santana Bedroom Set is designed to spark a touch of modernism in small to medium sized bedroom with its bright and shiny finishes. Everything is constructed from high quality MDF with special coating to prevent scratches and moisture buildup. Door handles are mode of PVC material. Santana Bedroom Set is sturdy, clean, and stylish with a combination of neutral colors to match every room design. It does not matter if your room has traditional or contemporary aesthetics; Santana Bedroom Set will blend right in. All pieces require assembly.