5 panels Aluminium Bifold Doors

5 panels Aluminium Bifold Doors

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Aluminium windows & tarrace doors are manufactured after the order has been placed through the website.
Aluminium windows & tarrace doors - production time 6-7 weeks

Size door with frame:

Width from: 3660mm to 5000mm
Height from: 1920 mm to 2600 mm

Exterior folding door offers greater flexibility to its users. It enables us to use weather conditions to our advantage and virtually eliminate the barrier between the interior space and its surroundings.

Such door can perfectly combine the interior space (home,café, restaurant) with the terrace or the outside area that is used seasonally.

With its excellent technical parameters, MB-86 FOLD LINE is a very convenient solution that enables the fabrication of large-dimension structures. Folding door can be opened both outwards and inwards and its leaves can be freely configured. It’s a modern product, designed to meet the high demands of users, architects and owners.


  • three-chambered, durable aluminium profiles of a structural depth of 86 mm for frames and 77 mm for door leaves
  • central chamber of the profiles is equipped with thermal break (24 mm-wide for frames and 34 mm-wide for door leaves)
  • providing excellent thermal insulation performance.
  • specialized and dedicated hardware for MB-86 FOLDLINE ensures comfortable operation of the door leaves of a maximum weight of up to 100 kg
  • a large range of glazing from 14 to 61.5 mm to enable the use of single and double glass units, including specialized,more performant units in terms of sound insulation or burglary resistance
  • important degree of compatibility with the well-known and highly appreciated window & door system ALUPROF MB-86:

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