BRIN I B - wall cabinet


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The bodies are made of 18 mm thick boards, finished with a PVC edge
The cabinets are equipped with BLUM hinges
The tilting fronts are equipped with gas stays
The cabinets have a handle-free opening system with Tip_On
Cabinet hangers are adjustable in two planes

laminated board body 18 mm thick black matt / Lancelot Oak


laminated board 18 mm thick Lancelot Oak and glossy 19 mm thick black


1x WD 150 Lancelot Oak  - Wall mounted cabinet 
Dimensions: height 30cm / width 150cm / depth 32cm

1x WG 150 Lancelot Oak - Wall mounted cabinet
Dimensions: height 30cm / width 150cm / depth 32cm

2x WNO 30 black - Square Cabinet
Dimensions: height 30cm / width 30cm / depth 32cm

1x WNO 60 black rectangular cabinet
Dimensions: height 60cm / width 30cm / depth 32cm

1x WB 60/60
Body: Golden Kraft Oak
Front: glossy black
Dimensions: height 60cm / width 60cm / depth 32cm

Total dimensions
height: 180 cm / width 220  cm / depth 32 cm


The price includes VAT

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