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The door is made of a wooden rail and stail set topped with two flush HDF boards, covered with ECO TOP, HIGH TOP surface. The core is made of honeycomb-like stabilizing layer.
The grain is vertical on the surface and vertical (pattern A) or horizontal (pattern C, F) on the panels.


  • white/brown matt glass, 4 mm thick
    AS4 pattern, 03SD standard – white/brown matt tempered glass, 4 mm thick
  • single-point mortise lock (rebated system) or magnetic mortise lock (non-rebated system), key-operated, for a cylinder or a bathroom lock
  • hinges: type B – for the DIN system frame, type D – for the wooden frame, type M – for the metal frame or the DUO concealed type (“60”-“80” – 2 units, “90” – 3 units)

Standard door leaf size:

62 cm x 202 cm
72 cm x 202 cm
82 cm x 202 cm
92 cm x 202 cm

Required Installation hole width:

62 cm x 202 cm - 676mm min installation hole width / 786 mm - max installation hole width
72 cm x 202 cm - 776mm min installation hole width / 886 mm - max installation hole width
82 cm x 202 cm - 876mm min installation hole width / 986 mm - max installation hole width
92 cm x 202 cm - 976mm min installation hole width / 1086 mm - max installation hole width

Required Installation hole height:

min installation hole height: 2053 mm
max installation hole height: 2112 mm

Required thickness of your wall

min 75 mm
max 300mm


white, oak, chestnut, maple, nut, british oak, salinas oak, scandinavian oak, coffe ash, patina oak, silver oak, nougat oak, honey oak


Right hand (RH), Left hand (LH),

ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT (at an extra charge)

  • size “100” (glazing decoration as in “90”)
  • size “110” (glazing decoration as in “90”)
  • non-standard door shortening (maximum up to 100 mm)
  • door lower by 50 mm or 100 mm
  • door higher by 50 mm or 100 mm
  • door higher by 150 mm or 200 mm

The price includes VAT

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