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LIM Modern Aluminium front doors

LIM door is a product with increased thermal insulation (Ud = 0.6 to 0.9 W/(m2*K) that is produced on the basis of ALUPROF MB-70, MB-86 and MB-104 PASSIVE systems with overlay and infill door panels.

The door can be extended with an additional sidelight and top lights with any type of glass. They can also be made with glass with a pattern matching the pattern of the door leaf/slab.

The door is equipped with a multipoint FUHR locking system.
The hinges can be either WALA roller hinges or AXXENT hidden hinges.
Glass in the door is made of 4-pane units Ug = 0.5 W/(m2*K).

In order to increase resistance to burglary, we can offer:
– 6D-C class lock cylinders,
– anti-burglary protection of hinges,
– P4A class glass

Discover our aluminum LIM doors

Aesthetics and functionality

LIM aluminum external doors are a proposal that perfectly fits into the trends of modern constructions. Their undoubted advantage is the aesthetic value and the freedom to choose the finish. We offer a vast array of unique designs, 24 wood-like coatings and all colors from the RAL palette. Elements can be milled, decorated with various applications or made of insulated glass. Light, rigid and durable frame profiles enable the construction of doors in any, non-standard, even very large sizes – up to 1300 mm wide and almost 2400 mm high.

The door can also be equipped with elements such as fingerprint readers or the option of remote control the door via a remote control, a button and a smartphone. To increase safety, doors have been equipped with RC2 resistance class solutions. This classification means that the door will protect the household and its members against “manual” burglary with the use of popular tools.

Features that affect the functionality and aesthetics of the door construction:

– a new shaped, wide thermal spacers allow for the use of an additional partition in the profile insulation zone;
– two-component central seal perfectly seals and thermally insulates the space between the door leaf/slab and the frame;
– a large range of structural sections guarantees the required aesthetics and the strength of the structure;
– profile shapes are adapted to the assembly of various types of fittings, including hidden hinges;
– a wide range of glazing allows the use of all common types of glass, including two-chamber, acoustic or anti-burglary glass;
–drainage of door frames

Specification of aluminium LIM door system

SpecificationGlazingColorHingesHandlesLock and cylinder

Profile construction

  • frame depth: 70 mm / 2.76 inch ,
  • leaf/slab depth 70 mm / 2.76 inch


The glass in our doors are triple-pane windows. All panes are connected with spacer frames. Two of them are covered with Low-E coatings that provide natural light while helping to limit heat gain and thermal energy loss. It is also possible to choose P4 anti-burglary glass or safety glass VSG 33.1

standard glazing package 4th/16Ar/4/16Ar/4th

safety glass 33.1//4//4
P4 anti-burglary

Types of glazing

There is a wide range of glass options. In our offer one will find energy-saving, sound-absorbing, safety, anti-burglary and sunscreen windows. The most popular ones are milk glass, decorative or mirror glass as well as bronze reflex glass.

Warm spacer frames

A spacer frame is the basic element of joining the space between the panes in a glass. It is normally filled with 90% argon which is a non-toxic, insulating dense type of gas and 10% air. It allows to obtain a heat transfer coefficient of up to Ug = 0.4 W/m²K.

Warm, Swisspacer Ultimate spacers (available in 6 colors) are used as standard in our glazed units. They are recommended for energy-saving construction thanks to a significant reduction in the heat transfer coefficient. Due to the extremely thin gaps between the panes Krypton is used which is a gas that performs best as an insulator when used in such configurations.


Colours can emphasise the shape of aluminium joinery and provide it with individual character and genuine appearance. All aluminium systems offered by our company are available in two colour palettes – RAL and DECORAL.

RAL Basic colour palette.

Fiery red or maybe a delicate blue? Thanks to the RAL K5 Classic color palette, you can choose the shade of the door perfectly suited to your requirements!

RAL 1003

RAL 2004

RAL 3020

RAL 5002

RAL 6005

RAL 6021

RAL 7016

RAL 7039

RAL 7040

RAL 9016

RAL 9005

RAL 9007

DECORAL Woodgrain finish palette

Aluminium joinery offered by our company comes in the following colours: beech, sweet cherry, golden oak, winchester, fir, mahogany, sapele, walnut, walnut vein, pine, cherry, wenge.

Golden Oak



Dark Oak

Natural Wood decor

If you prefer a door with a traditional and wood-look design an aluminum panel can be made with a natural wooden decor that is carefully selected and perfectly impregnated. Each of the wooden decors is characterized by a unique grain that gives authenticity and nobility. Wooden elements are available in 6 colors: Natural Oak, Brendy Oak, Amaranth Oak, Whisky Oak, Straw Oak, Honey Oak.

Natural Stone decor

Could aluminum doors be decorated with natural stone elements? Thanks to natural stone veneers it is possible. The texture of natural stone provides a unique look of the door which can perfectly complement the architecture of a modern house or a loft apartment.

Black Rock

Carbon Rock

Gray Rock

White Rock

EXXENT Hidden Hinges

We use AXXENT hidden hinges that combine high durability, numerous assembly advantages and a discreet, elegant form. Hinges are invisible when the door is closed. The 3D adjustment function provides a convenient way of adjusting the pressure, height and side adjustment (left/right) of the door. Hinges allow for trouble-free installation and removal of the door leaf/slab. Depending on the door height there are at least 3 hinges per door leaf/slab.

Roller hinges WR WALA

WR WALA are minimalistic, modern looking, high quality roller hinges. They have been tested and are certified by the German IFT ROSENHEIM. Hinges are protected by patent law and can be adjusted: vertically: -5 to 5mm / -0.2″ to 0.2″, gap: -2.5 to 2.5 mm / -0.1″ to 0.1″ , seal pressure: -1.5 to 1.5 mm / -0.05″ to 0.05″ . When it comes to finish they are available in stainless steel or any colour from the RAL palette (hinges will be painted in the same colour as the door). Depending on the door height there are at least 3 hinges per door leaf/slab.

greenteQ handles

QreenteQ handles are made of anodized aluminum with high resistance to corrosion, weather conditions and scratches.
The INOX version is made of matt stainless steel.
Handle with fixed/rotary bearing and return spring mechanism adapted to the pin square 8 mm / 0.3″.
TThe escutcheon/cover plate is 35 mm / 0.14″ wide.


T-bar with a square section of 40×40 mm / 1.6″x1.6″.
Available in lengths: 1200 / 47.2″, 1500 / 59″, 1800 mm / 70.9″.

T-bar at an angle of 45 degrees with a square section of 40 × 40 mm / 1.6″x1.6″
Available in lengths: 1200 / 47.2″, 1500 / 59″, 1800 mm / 70.9″.

T-bar with a round cross-section ⌀ 40 mm / 1.6″ .
Available in lengths: 1200 / 47.2″, 1500 / 59″, 1800 mm / 70.9″

T-bar at an angle of 45 degrees with a round cross-section ⌀ 40 mm / 1.6″.
Available in lengths: 1200 / 47.2″, 1500 / 59″, 1800 mm / 70.9″.

Black, designer handle.
Available in length 480 mm / 18.9″.

Black T-bar with an interesting design
Available in length 498 mm / 19.6″.

Black T-bar with an interesting curve that can also be used for all-glass doors
Available in length 499 mm / 19.6″.

Black, oval handle
Width 450 mm/ 17.7″

Additional options

Door handles can be equipped with additional door control elements.
It can be a visible or invisible electric strike control button, bell button, LED backlight and readers for controlling motorized locks (numeric keypad or fingerprint reader).





Multi-point lock Hook-bolts 855GL type-11

  • steel hooks and pins
  • Three-dimensional locking with integrated hooks and metal pins for optimal security.
  • Pressure adjustment.

Class A insert 6.D.C cylinder with keys

Durability: 100 000 cycles
Security rating: Class 6 the highest
Attack resistance: Class D the highest
Burglar resistance: Class C the highest

Certified, cylindrical, profiled 9-ratchet insert (two rows of latches).
Innovative anti-drill and anti-picking protection.
Inserts resistant to bumping. 5 keys included, key code card.

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