Shift M4 - wall mounted tv cabinet

Shift M4
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Two TV cabinets - divided into two parts, the second open compartment with a shelf illuminated with blue LED lighting. On the side, the flaps are supported by gas cylinders, behind them one chamber.

One long hanging cabinet with single doors behind which there are three compartments.

Metal shelves with two shelves.

One hanging shelf.

Dimensions of elements:

2x TV cabinet  - width:180 cm / height: 30 cm / depth:40 cm
1x long hanging cabinet - width: 30 cm / height: 120 cm / depth: 30 cm
1x rectangular metal cabinet - width: 60 cm / height: 31cm /depth: 25cm
1x Large shelf -  width180 cm / height: 2.2 cm /depth: 20 cm

white cabinets and shelves / black metal bookcase
black cabinets and shelves / black metal bookcase
graphite cabinets and shelves / black metal bookcase
wotan cabinets and shelves / black metal bookcase


The price includes VAT

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