WIS 17 - Garage door 2750 mm x 3000mm walnut

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Sectional doors is the most comfortable and convenient solution for your garage. Our doors are warm doors with the coefficient U similar to the one of the multi-chamber windows used for energy saving construction. Panels filled with polyurethane foam produced at our own factory and systems of seals contribute to this low coefficient.

  • Torsion spring system designed for 20,000 cycles
  • Galvanized construction
  • Panel: 40 mm
  • Panel heat transfer coefficient Up=0.48 W/m2 K
  • Sound reduction index: Rc=23 dB
  • Rollers with bearings


40 [mm] thick steel panels with Freon-free polyurethane foam infill

requied mounting dimensions of the garage door:

minimum headroom size : 120 mm (3 in the picture)
minimum left side size: 110mm (2 in the picture)
minimum right side size: 110mm (2 in the picture)
minimum backroom size: 4000mm (4 in the picture)

Requied hole in the wall:
2750 mm x 3000 mm

Special Price £1,750.00 was £2,605.00

The price includes VAT


When in use, sectional and roller doors do not require any free space in front of the garage. The door blade rises vertically and hides under the ceiling or rolls up into a box . Both door types are recommended for garages opening directly onto the street and where there is limited space in front of the garage. leaf rises up and out in front of a building. Therefore, a car cannot be parked directly in front of the door, but at a distance of approximately 1.5 m. If the car is parked closer, the door cannot be opened. , on the other hand, opens like an ordinary door and requires free space in front of the garage allowing free movement of the door leaves. In designing a garage, it should be ensured that the entrance opening size is sufficient to allow comfortable entry for a car. A standard size garage door constitutes an economical solution, and is often available on the spot. If it is not possible to use a standard door in the existing opening, we recommend installing custom-made doors fitted precisely to the existing opening

Form and function

Sectional garage doors are manufactured using 40 mm panel garage doors. All our panels facility using state-of-the-art technological lines which ensure high quality and repeatability at each stage of the manufacturing process. High technical parameters and reliable corrosion protection are obtained thanks to the use of high grade, galvanized steel with paint or film coating. The stiff polyurethane foam core ensures optimum strength for the panels and improves their thermal insulation. Special solutions, such as the 5-layer sheet bending system ensures stable fastening of elements, which further increases the strength of our design.


Our up-and-over doors are safe to use, and certified in accordance with the requirements of European Standard EN 13241-1. The solutions applied in these doors guarantee safety for yourself and your family: an overload switch, photocells, spring casings, the shape of guides and guide rolls with bearings. A two-point, latch-type door bolting system makes certain that the door is locked.


METRO is a new generation of drive units. It is a harmonious combination of power, beauty and reliability, designed with state-of-the-art technologies. METRO features functions with outstanding technical parameters in an enclosure designed according to the WIŚNIOWSKI styling standards.

EASY PROGRAMING – LCD display and many configurable parameters.

PHOTOCELLS – ensure optimum safety whenever an obstacle appears between the photocells.

OVERCURRENT OBSTACLE DETECTION – An overload protection system stops and reverses the door curtain closing movement when the bottom edge touches an obstacle.

SILENT RAIL WITH A CHAIN – the door runs quietly and smoothly, which is of special importance in garages adjacent to houses and close to bedrooms.

RTS RF PATH – An excellent solution based on an innovative technology from Somfy which enables installation and extension of the drive system without modifying the door wall structure. It is a perfect choice for new buildings, as well as home renovation or upgrade projects. Intuitive programming and the LCD display facilitate adjustment of operating parameters for an optimum configuration of drive unit functions.


OPTIONAL ANTI-BURGLARY MECHANICAL LOCK – locks the door in the closed position and prevents unauthorized opening of the door.

OPTIONAL EMERGENCY BATTERY UNIT – keeps the door operational in case of a power outage.



The Pulsar transmitter enables remote control of the garage door and programming up to 4 different devices. It is made of extremely durable materials, which ensures long life.

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