WIS BR77s - Roller shutter garage door

WIS BR77s - Roller shutter garage door
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Roller shutter garage door is intended for use in single-family housing and utility rooms. The door is made of AW 77 aluminium profile filled with Freon-free polyurethane foam. The door is fitted with vertical aluminium profiles, and a case or partial cover of the winding shaft. The door shutter rolls up on a shaft located at the lintel, from inside of the building. The door is equipped with one-phase tubular drive, a switch to operate the door, and a crank for emergency opening. The door is sealed on all sides. The door is to be installed inside or outside the premises. The door is available in power-operated version only.


Now you can arrange space under the ceiling as you wish: install lighting, hang your skis or kayak, or pile up your fishing rods. Suitable interior illumination and energy saving in a dark room (e.g. in a garage without windows) may be obtained by installing glazed profiles in the door. The bottom chamber gasket, brush seals in guides and a gasket screwed to the door header guarantee good thermal insulation of the garage.   

The roller gate is equipped with the SOMFY Rollixo RTS drive

requied mounting dimensions of the garage door:

minimum headroom size : 300 mm (3 in the picture)
minimum left side size: 110mm (2 in the picture)
minimum right side size: 110mm (2 in the picture)
minimum backroom size: 500mm (4 in the picture)

Requied hole in the wall:
width from 2300mm to 4300mm
height from: 1700mm to 4150mm

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