WIS E1R4 - insulated sectional garage door with windows


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Garage doors - production takes 4 weeks

Sectional doors is the most comfortable and convenient solution for your garage. Our doors are warm doors with the coefficient U similar to the one of the multi-chamber windows used for energy saving construction. Panels filled with polyurethane foam produced at our own factory and systems of seals contribute to this low coefficient.


  • Torsion spring system designed for 20,000 cycles
  • Galvanized construction
  • stainless steel panel: 40 mm thickness filled with PUR polyurethane foam
  • Panel heat transfer coefficient Up=0.48 W/m2 K
  • Sound reduction index: Rc=23 dB
  • Rollers with bearings

The garage door set includes:
- Handle and key lock (manual gate)
- photocells (automatic gate)
- bolts,
- spring break protection,
- finger-crush protection panel
- rectangular windows 490mm x 155 mm

Requied mounting dimensions of the garage door:

minimum headroom size : 120 mm (3 in the picture)
minimum left side size: 90mm (2 in the picture)
minimum right side size: 90mm (2 in the picture)
minimum backroom size: 2675mm (4 in the picture)

Requied hole in the wall:
width from 2100mm to 5500mm
height from: 2000mm to 3000mm


The price includes VAT

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