PIVOT Filo - modern Pivot Exterior Door

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Doors are manufactured after the order has been placed through the website.
Production time for our doors:
door named PIVOT (aluminium) - production takes 7 weeks

Size pivot door with frame:
Width from: 1400mm to 1800mm
Height from: 2000mm to 2940mm

You can order this door model in a smaller size. View LIM Filo

Domadeco Pivot doors represent the best doors the market can offer and deliver maximum comfort and security for the user, while allowing substantial architectural freedom with numerous design variants and scoring high on energy-efficiency.

Domadeco pivot door are a versatile solution to make an architectural statement in any residential of public building.

Technical specifications

Air tightness max. test pressure 4 (600 Pa)
Water tightness 4A (150 Pa)
Wind load resistance C3 (1200 Pa)
Burglar resistance RC2/WK2
Thermal insulation Ud = 1.1 W/K*m2

The door set includes:

- Aluminium pivot door and the door frame;
- the door handle;
- FUHR 833 3-point lock
- low threshold door
- Standard lock insert with 5 keys.

Full door information

The door is already mounted onto the frame (prehung door), which saves you all the work. The door is completely ready for installation.

The picture showing how to take the measurement. Click here
The installation space between the frame and the wall can be between 5 mm to 20 mm on each side.

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We provide the installation of our front door in England. Installation costs extra and depends on the type of door.


The price includes VAT

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Introducing the PIVOT Filo, a cutting-edge pivot exterior door that combines innovative design with unparalleled style. Crafted to make a bold statement, this door is the epitome of modern elegance and sophistication.

The PIVOT Filo features a unique pivot hinge system, allowing for effortless operation and a striking visual impact. This innovative design not only adds a touch of luxury to your entryway but also enhances the overall functionality of the door.

Constructed with premium materials and meticulous attention to detail, the PIVOT Filo exudes quality and craftsmanship. Its sleek and minimalist appearance creates a seamless blend of form and function, making it a standout feature of any contemporary home or building.

Whether you're looking to upgrade your current entryway or make a statement with a new construction project, the PIVOT Filo is the perfect choice for those who appreciate modern design and superior performance. Elevate your exterior with the PIVOT Filo - where innovation meets style in perfect harmony.